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Rug Hype! the biggest rug manufacture in the world with a showroom in Los Angeles, CA with manufacturing in china & India. Our Carpet rugs are tufted by artisian rug makers that are very skilled with our collaborations to make perfection. factories having made rugs for over 30 years with generations or rug makers. With our sales agents in USA and our team in China & India we are capable of producing rugs of any size, shape, or colors. We make rugs that are perfect for your room, office, studio, trade shows, We Ship rugs all over the world. We Personalized tuft Area Rugs of any design. Order your custom made rug today! We make streetwear rugs, graffiti rugs, sneaker rugs, hype rugs. Gaming rugs , Hypebeast Rug , Fathers day gift , Birthday gifts, or any random gift.

100% Handmade rugs with tufting gun. Our skilled artisian rug makers

Rug Manufacturing: 4-8Weeks. When it comes to making custom rugs it takes us about 4-8weeks to make on point with details, colors, quality. We work to achieve perfection in each rug but remember that all of our rugs are handmade and there will be slight variations. 

If you've looking to get a rug as a gift for him/her? People love receiving a custom rug as a gift.

Rug Hype is the leading supplier of custom rugs made in India & China.

People are fans of a variety of different types of rugs like a kaws rug, cool rugs, cartoon rugs.

Shipping: We offer FREE Worldwide Shipping. 

We can make any custom artwork into a rug. Submit ideas for price quotation and we can take care of your custom rug needs.

If you've looking to order a 

Thinking about getting someone a rug as a gift? We can 

We offer customs rugs in any design!

Anime Rugs, Cartoon Rugs, Sports Rugs, Illusion Rugs

Animal Rugs: We offer custom rugs in any of your pet images. 

Dog Rugs: If you love your dog or pet we make custom animal rugs

Cat Rugs: If you want a rug of your cat 

Pattern Rugs: We can make any style pattern rug.

Order Custom Hand Tufted Rugs

Order a custom rug today! Design your custom rug today!

Custom Shape rugs: We offer any shape rug to order. Most common shape rugs are square shape rugs, Circle shape rugs, rectangle rugs, & custom shape rugs.

Custom Rugs are perfect for rooms, businesses rugs, boutiques, Jewelry store rugs, Sneaker Store, Tattoo Shops rugs, Office Rooms rugs, Game Rooms rugs, Company rugs, Trade Show booths rugs, Home decor rugs, Area Rugs, Kids room rug, and more.

"Every Room Deserves a Rug"

Types of Rug Designs: We offer a variety of custom rugs from anime rugs, cartoons rugs, modern rugs, sports logo rugs, logos rugs, Sneaker Rugs, Manga Rug, Kaws Rug, Gaming Rugs, Holiday Gifts, 

Birthday Gifts, Holiday Gifts, Father Day Gift, Christmas Gift and more.

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Our vision,

 We look to bring top quality rugs pushing the edge of custom rug making.