How we turn a design into a custom rug.

How we turn a design into a custom rug. 

Step 1: We re-draw the artwork with an outline design.

Step 2: We separate the artwork into separate colors and color match the selected colors to the pantone box.

Step 3: We draw the artwork onto the monk cloth rug fabric.

Step 4: We dye all the wool yarn & Acrylic Yarn 

Step 5: Our team of expert rug makers hand tufts with machines 6: Once all the colors are completed, we do custom carving on details & trimming.

Step 7: We do the durable & Anti slip backing of the rugs 

Step 8: We hand sewn binding on the rugs we manufacture in India and fold the bottom of the rugs in China. 

Step 9: We overlook the rug to ensure details are executed on point. 

Step 10: We take photos and send to the client for approval before shipment.